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How do Advance25 Courses for Vets Work?

Advance25 Courses are immersive, interactive online learning experiences. You get full support from your course tutor on the course forum for the 6 week duration of the course. Tutor support continues for 2 weeks after the course ends, so that you can ask any questions you like. So you have 8 week’s access to your course tutor on the course forum. You retain full access to your course materials online for 12 months in total.

Each course gives you 25 Hours of CPD. Courses are generally in weekly sections, and you take a short self assessment quiz at the end of each section. You need to pass the quiz to access the next section. Don’t worry – you can take the quiz again if you need to! Course notes are included. There’s no need to attend sessions at any particular time, making these courses suitable for vets all over the world.

Can I Extend My Access to Online Mini Series Courses?

After the initial 12 months, you can extend your access to your course for a small fee if you’d like to. This is for a further 12 month period.

How do Online Mini Series Courses Work?

Each Online Mini Series Course gives you 8 Hours of CPD. Live online sessions are generally held when the course is run. These are usually two one hour sessions with a short break in between so that you can get a cup of tea or let the dog out. There are three of these online sessions, giving 6 Hours of CPD in total. Course notes and completing the self assessment quiz makes up your 8 Hours of CPD. Once the course has been run, all of the sessions are available online and you can watch and rewatch at any time. You enjoy full access to your course for a full 12 months.

How Many Hours of CPD do I get?

Each Webinar Club includes one new webinar every month, plus unlimited access to a substantial archive. VIP Membership allows you to choose three individual clubs and combine these to get 3 new webinars every month and unlimited access to over 250 Hours of quality archived CPD.

Each Online Mini Series Course gives you 8 Hours of CPD. Online Mini Series Course Bundles combine several courses and provide 24 Hours of CPD (3 courses) or 40 Hours of CPD (5 courses).

Advance25 courses for vets provide 25 Hours of CPD and Advance15 courses for vet nurses provide 15 Hours of CPD.

What exactly is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar. These can be watched live, or the recording can be watched at any convenient time, from any location with internet access.

Do I have to attend the live veterinary webinar?

All the Webinar Club webinars are recorded for you to watch at any time. Webinar Club members can go to the Members’ Area to access the new recordings for their Club. If you are new to Webinar Club or you register for a one-off event, you will be sent an email containing details of how to access a live event or your webinar recording.

Can I watch on any Device?

Yes you can watch on any device. For live webinars you’ll get email instructions as to how to join. Recordings can be watched on any device, anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Can I watch the webinar again?

Membership of a Webinar Club allows you to login to the Members’ Area and watch ANY past webinars for your chosen club at ANY time. Your access is unlimited while you are a member.

Do I get a certificate for my CPD/CE records?

After you have watched a webinar, you can download a personalised CPD Certificate. We encourage you to complete the reflective learning sections of your CPD Tracker. The evidence for the beneficial effects of reflective practice is compelling. When you’ve logged your thoughts, comments and ideas you can save the entry in your Tracker for future reference. You can then transfer this information to your RCVS or other professional record.

Is Webinar Club CPD or CE accredited?

Formal CPD/CE accreditation varies from country to country and regionally within countries. In the UK, there is no formal accreditation procedure for veterinary CPD. In other countries, it is essential that any continuing education that you want to use to fulfil your professional requirements is compatible with your governing body.

How do I join Webinar Club?

Visit the Webinar Club home page  Then click on ‘Join a Club’ in the main menu and follow the links to find out about your club. Register online and start enjoying your membership immediately. Login to the Members’ Area to watch your club’s archived webinars. Information on the next webinar will also be seen in the Members’ Area when you are logged in.

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