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Medicine on a Budget
Mini Series

Get Practical help for Managing Medical Cases on a limited budget in this easy to attend, fully guaranteed, Online Mini Series™ from CPD Solutions

  • Practical and effective management without spending a fortune
  • Renal disease- concentration not just remuneration
  • How to manage coagulation disorders and challenging GI issues effectively on a budget
  • How you can diagnose and treat inflammatory bowel disease, especially when finances are limited
  • Lots of case studies to see how you can manage your medicine patients on a budget
  • You have a whole year’s access to recorded sessions and study notes for reviewing key points
  • Superb value for money – you learn without travelling or paying for accommodation, childcare or petcare
  • Watch the recordings on your iPad, mobile, PC or tablet
  • Self-assessment quiz to ‘release’ your 8 hours CPD certification

This Mini Series has given me more confidence dealing with megoesophagus and regurgitation issues

Feel more confident when presented with bleeding case working out more logical cause /list of causes rather than just thinking of everything under the sun that could cause bleeding

What will I learn on this course?

Session 1

Renal disease: It requires concentration not money

  • The best approach to patients with common renal diseases
  • How to assess laboratory findings; understanding biochemistry and urine analysis
  • How and when imaging the kidneys is useful
  • A practical approach to proteinuria
  • When to take kidney biopsies and how to interpret the results
  • A considered approach to antibiotic use in renal diseases

Session 2

“If you prick us, do we not bleed?” Coagulation disorders in small animals

  • Coagulation in cats and dogs: What tests and when?
  • Assessment of laboratory and patient side assessment of coagulation
  • Diagnosis and management of thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopathia and von Willibrand’s disease
  • Secondary coagulation disorders – understanding and treating these conditions despite financial limitations
  • Toxin ingestion and clotting consequences
  • Plenty of case-based examples

Session 3

Vomiting vs Regurgitation: Is it really that easy to tell?

  • A practical approach to localise gastrointestinal disease both anatomically and by likely cause
  • How to investigate how to differentiate vomiting and regurgitation
  • The challenges of managing regurgitation and swallowing disorders
  • How we should diagnose and treat inflammatory bowel disease, especially when finances are limited
  • Some more interesting cases

Meet the Presenter....

Scott Kilpatrick

European and RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine

Following graduation from Edinburgh in 2007, Scott worked for the PDSA and Vets Now before starting his residency at the University of Edinburgh in 2012, obtaining his European Diploma in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2017.

Scott has also completed a Master’s Degree looking into the pathogenesis of canine liver disease.

Watch the recordings at a time convenient to you!

Really logical work up procedure and treatment regimes for the regurgitation and vomiting section - most useful

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12 months access to recordings and course materials is included

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Take advantage of the easy Online Mini Series™ format and increase your confidence with Medical Cases on a limited budget

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Price includes...

  • All 3 sessions
  • Notes and quiz (8 hours CPD)
  • PLUS unlimited access to recordings and all course materials for 12 months!
  • No traffic jams or accommodation hassles
  • No child or pet care to arrange
  • No rota clashes to worry about and no locum cover needed

Just great CPD and a valuable ongoing resource


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Very thorough and comprehensive courses. The course notes are a great addition too.

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