Worried about wounds, fearful of foalings or confused by colic?

Keep Calm and Get in the Car. A Practical Approach to Equine Emergencies
Mini Series

Get all the help you need in this easy to attend, fully guaranteed, Online Mini Series™ from CPD Solutions

  • Boost your confidence in dealing with those tricky equine emergency call outs
  • Giving you a practical approach to initial assessment and stabilisation of emergency cases
  • Decrease your stress levels with common equine emergencies
  • You have a whole year’s access to recorded sessions and study notes for reviewing key points
  • Superb value for money – you learn without travelling or paying for accommodation, childcare or petcare
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  • Self-assessment quiz to ‘release’ your 8 hours CPD certification

This is the second online Mini Series I have done, and I have found both so convenient and flexible as they allow me to work around my small children.

I enjoyed it and enjoyed being able to do at my own pace. It’s much easier to do the webinars when I have quiet time at home or in practice.

What will I learn on this course?

Session 1

Colic, choke and respiratory distress

  • Decision making in moderate severity colics
  • What to do when referral isn’t an option
  • How can ultrasound help with assessment of colics?
  • Respiratory distress – differentiating URT and LRT causes, and how to manage them
  • Oesophageal choke: Techniques for shifting the more challenging impactions

Session 2

Emergencies affecting the limbs – wounds and severe lameness

  • Performing a full assessment of severe lameness
  • Initial management and stabilisation of suspected fractures
  • Recognising the hopeless prognosis case, and when it meets BEVA guidelines
  • General principles for initial approach to wounds
  • Techniques for determining whether a wound has entered a joint or tendon sheath
  • Options for managing synovial sepsis including the no referral case

Session 3

Foals, retained placenta and the painful eye

  • How to fully assess the painful eye
  • Updates on treatment of common ocular emergencies
  • Quiet foals – how to recognise those that matter
  • Resuscitation and stabilisation of flat foals, including initial fluid therapy
  • Tips on safely removing a retained placenta and when further treatment is needed

Meet the Presenter....

Harry Carslake


Harry is Senior Lecturer and Head of Equine Medicine at Leahurst Equine Hospital, University of Liverpool. After graduating in 2000, he spent his first 5 years working in first opinion mixed and equine ambulatory practice.

This was followed by an extended overseas trip of 6 years to New Zealand, where he worked at Massey University and became a diplomate of the ACVIM.

On returning to the UK in 2011 he spent 2 years in mostly first-opinion practice, before taking a job at Liverpool as lecturer in equine internal medicine.

David Stack


David is a European Specialist in Equine Surgery and his main area of interest is orthopaedic surgery, imaging and lameness. David qualified from University College Dublin in 2003, before embarking on 10 years of first opinion equine practice, spending time in New York and Ireland, where he ran his own equine practice.

He completed an equine surgical residency in University College Dublin before successfully passing the ECVS examination in February 2017.

Before moving to the Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital, David spent a year as the surgeon in equine hospitals   in Devon and the Cotswolds. His most recent research involves investigating ultrasound-guided sacroiliac and cervical facet injection techniques and contrast ultrasound. He has also published work in the fields of joint surgery and synovial sepsis.

Take advantage of the easy Online Mini Series™ and Decrease your Stress Levels with your Equine Emergency patients without leaving your practice!

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Just great CPD and a valuable ongoing resource


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Very thorough and comprehensive courses. The course notes are a great addition too.

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