Ageing Afghans? Trembling Terriers? Fighting Felines?

Behavioural Problems in Dogs and Cats
Mini Series

Get all the practical help you need to manage the three most common and most underdiagnosed behavioural problems in dogs and cats in this easy to attend, fully guaranteed, Online Mini Series™ from CPD Solutions

  • Get practical help with canine cognitive dysfunction, noise phobias and inter-cat conflict
  • You have a whole year’s access to recorded sessions and study notes for reviewing key points
  • Superb value for money – you learn without travelling or paying for accommodation, childcare or petcare
  • Watch the recordings on your iPad, mobile, PC or tablet
  • Self-assessment quiz to ‘release’ your 8 hours CPD certification

It was practical and enthusing. I now definitely have a better understanding of cat behavior and canine cognitive dysfunction

Excellent background information on cat behavior rather just focusing on one aspect. Can apply information to a range of cat related behavioral problems

What will I learn on this course?

Session 1

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

  • How to make owners aware that their dog needs help: the use of screening tools, such as online questionnaires, to help detect cases of CCD
  • How to assess the severity of a problem and identify the best treatments
  • The impact of age and CCD on the owner-dog bond
  • How signs of CCD are affected by other age-related health problems: how to take a holistic approach to the wellbeing of elderly dogs
  • The changes that are responsible for dogs showing signs of dementia
  • Treatment of CCD, including modification to the diet, physical and social environment, as well as drug treatment

Session 2

Fear of Loud Noises in Dogs

  • How to make owners aware that their dog needs help: the use of screening tools, such as online questionnaires, to help detect cases of noise fear in dogs
  • How to differentiate between mild, moderate and severe problems, and identify the dogs that are genuinely phobic and not just afraid of loud noises
  • Current evidence on demographics of noise fears in dogs and how to prevent noise fears
  • How generalisation and conditioned associations lead to worsening problems in fearful dogs
  • Treatment of noise fears in dogs, including behavioural therapy, environmental modification, how owners should react, nutraceuticals and drugs (short term and long term)

Session 3

Inter-Cat Conflict Between Resident Cats

  • How to detect inter-cat conflict before problems get serious: Use of questionnaires and simple stress scoring systems
  • Why domestic cats conflict with each other: the natural order of feline society and how it is constrained by domestic living
  • Evidence for the health impact of conflict
  • What happens when conflict leads to spraying, injuries and destructiveness
  • How to prevent problems: how many cats to keep, what mix of ages and sexes works best, and how to introduce new cats to a household
  • Treatment of inter-cat conflict, including environmental modification, pheromones and medication

Meet the Presenter....

Jon Bowen


Jon graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1992. He is consultant in behavioural medicine at the Queen Mother Hospital for Small Animals and Honorary Lecturer at the Royal Veterinary College and sees referral cases from all over the South East of England.

He is the author of chapters in several books, including the current BSAVA manual and “100 top consultations”, and is the co-author of “Behavioural Problems in Small Animals”. Jon is also actively involved in a wide range of research topics, including noise fears, the human-animal bond, animal hoarding, epilepsy, and canine cognitive dysfunction.

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The content of the Mini Series will help me very much in my work in practice. It will give me confidence to approach cases in a logical way and reach a working diagnosis and treatment plan, whilst recognising where specialist advice and referral is appropriate.

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  • Notes and quiz (8 hours CPD)
  • PLUS unlimited access to recordings and all course materials for 12 months!
  • No traffic jams or accommodation hassles
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  • No rota clashes to worry about and no locum cover needed

Just great CPD and a valuable ongoing resource


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Very thorough and comprehensive courses. The course notes are a great addition too.

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