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Boost Your Confidence in Skin Cytology

Improve your confidence in taking skin and ear cytology samples

Become the master in your practice in interpreting skin/ear cytology samples

Know when to use dermatopicals

Nine bite sized sessions with course notes and self-assessment questions for each module

This Online Mini Series is available for Vets and Veterinary Nurses

Join us for our skin and ear cytology course in 15-minute bite sized format designed for both vets and nurses with Natalie Barnard BVetMed, CertVD, DipECVD, MRCVS EBVS®,, Amy Elvidge BVM BVS, CertAVP (VD), MRCVS and Daniel White BSc RVN, NCert SAN, SQP. Don’t feel you have the time to perform skin/ear cytology? Find out how you can become more confident in sample taking and interpretation to save time and how it will support your diagnosis and management plan decisions from the first consultation.


Looking Feline Hypertension in the Eye

Learn how to perform fundoscopy effectively in cats and why it is a vital part of geriatric feline health checks

Learn both indirect and direct ophthalmoscopy and the advantages of each technique for retinal exams

Be able to view and interpret common hypertensive retinal lesions in cats

Learn how to take a retinal photo to share your findings with colleagues

This Online Mini Series is available for Vets and Veterinary Nurses

A compact and practical course from Dr Ben Blacklock BVSc (Hons), Dipl. ECVO, MRCVS, that covers everything you need to know in 6 recorded mini sessions, along with self-assessment questions, to consolidate your learning, for each module (1 hour CPD in total)
Suitable for Vets and Veterinary Nurses

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Feline Hypertension Ambassador

Find out which cats need screening for feline hypertension

Become confident in recommending a blood pressure check to owners

Learn how to take reliable BP measurements and get top tips on how to handle cats calmly to reduce situational hypertension

This Online Mini Series is available for Vets and Veterinary Nurses

A comprehensive course from Dr Sarah Caney BVSc PhD DSAM(Feline) MRCVS, that covers everything you need to know about feline hypertension, in 4 recorded sessions. The programme is supplemented with course notes and self-assessment questions, to consolidate your learning, for each module (4 hours CPD in total). Complete the course and become a Feline Hypertension Ambassador. Completers have the option to receive a pin badge and printed CPD certificate at the end of the course.


Managing Mitral Valve Disease

How to diagnose MVD with top tips on how to differentiate between cardiac and respiratory disease in dogs

ACVIM staging criteria and their relevance in diagnosis and treatment of MVD

Management of acute congestive heart failure and optimising diuretic treatment

This Online Mini Series is available for Vets and Veterinary Nurses

This comprehensive course from Dr Mike Martin MVB DVC MRCVS RCVS, consists of five 30 minute recorded sessions, including, course notes and self-assessment questions for each module. Included in the course is an additional 30 minute pet owner communication focus, from Alison Lambert BVSc CMRS MRCVS, presenting insights from pet owners of dogs with MVD (4 hours CPD total). A comprehensive course to advise vets and veterinary nurses on diagnosis and management of Mitral Valve Disease in dogs.

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